About Us

Every startup entrepreneur will get access to Waxdale's Ecosystem as a Service platform where we provide free information, free tools, as well as software solutions specifically for entrepreneurs.


Our Approach


Create your Startup Incubator

You already have the space, you already have a great location, why don’t you use those assets to your advantage?


We Operate the Incubator Through our Certified Launcher Program

At its core, Waxdale is a startup studio, the process it uses to launch its own startups is the same it uses to help startup entrepreneurs launch theirs.


Our Partnership Benefits Both of us

By helping startup entrepreneurs launch their startups you will expose them to your coworking space and all the great amenities you have to offer. We benefit from this relationship by being able to showcase how great our startup launcher program is.


Partnering with us to Build a Startup Incubator is Free

There are no costs when partnering with Waxdale to build a startup incubator. We work in tandem and benefit from each other. The partnership provides exposure to your coworking space while we are able to charge entrepreneurs for our services. We can definitely work on different terms as well.

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